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We Are Galena

A trusted real estate investment opportunity group focused on making positive impacts across the Intermountain Pacific Northwest and in our investor’s portfolios. We invest in both opportunity fund real estate and traditional real estate opportunities.

Why Invest With Galena?

We wake up every morning with the goal to be better than we were yesterday. We ask ourselves how we can make our real estate projects more impactful, the processes more transparent and your fund investment’s return more substantial. Our focus is not on becoming the best opportunity zones real estate investment group in the world. Whether your investment is in our opportunity funds real estate or our other multifamily and mixed-use offerings, our focus is on becoming the best possible operating partner working on your behalf.

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We Make Your Success Our Business

It is our belief that successful investing is measured by more than stocks and bonds, which is why we are dedicated to positively diversifying your portfolio through private real estate. We also pride ourselves on ease-of-use when it comes to tracking the status of your investments along the way by maintaining our investor portal and providing regular updates on our opportunity zone real estate fund projects.


We identify regions undergoing rapid population growth that suffer from supply-side constraints (often in qualified opportunity fund real estate) and take on projects that others can’t or won’t, in order to stimulate job growth and community building.


We have almost 20 years of experience working in multifamily and mixed-use new construction and our major institutional capital partners extend our reach, perspective and depth far beyond those years. We have been leading real estate opportunity fund development in our region since the real estate opportunity zones were created.


By eliminating regulatory design and construction risk for our partners, we can all focus on delivering a fantastic experience to the residents of our communities.

Climb Higher With Us

An investment with us is a partnership with the shared goal to grow your money.

When it comes to private real estate investments, the ceiling for returns continues to grow year after year. We want to help you be a part of that growth, without having to navigate the ins-and-outs of every market on your own. We are delivering high multiples on opportunity zones real estate development.

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We Value

Action Over Talk

We only make promises that we intend to keep. So when we say your investment’s success is a priority to us, we make sure to actively prove it.

Communities Not Buildings

Investing in buildings is easy and can be volatile. Investing in the development of sustainable communities is more difficult, but the returns are far more reliable.

Continuous Improvement

Complacency is the enemy, which is why we never stop climbing and are never satisfied with “good enough” when it comes to your investment.

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