Investment Opportunities Are Knocking at Your Door

Explore your options for real estate investments in Boise, Id and the Intermountain Pacific Northwest

Are you looking for real estate investment opportunities in the Boise, ID and/or the Intermountain Pacific Northwest area? Consider investing in the Galena Opportunity Fund. After years of working as multi-family and commercial real estate investors, we’ve built strong connections in the Intermountain Opportunity Zone and the Pacific Northwest Opportunity Zone.

Why We Chose These Markets?

To get the most out of your money, you need to invest it. The Galena Opportunity Fund provides a smart investment opportunity in communities where your investment can do the most and return the most. Communities in and around Boise, Idaho, the Intermountain Opportunity Zone and the Pacific Northwest Opportunity Zone are attractive investment opportunities for a multitude of reasons that include:

  • Shortages of multi-family residences
  • Rapid population growth in both urban and rural communities
  • Emerging and growing commercial businesses in the area
  • Colleges in the area

These factors, among others, are strong drivers for steady, sustained real estate value.

Where does Galena Opportunity Fund invest?

Galena Opportunity Fund invests in urban and rural markets in some of the fastest growing communities in the country located in the Intermountain and Pacific Northwest regions. The specific states that Galena is currently investing in and will continue to invest in include Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Why does Galena Opportunity Fund invest in residentially anchored mixed use and multifamily assets?

Real estate development is a speculative investment that takes time to generate returns. However, multifamily assets have a strong performance record. In the markets we invest in multifamily has remained in very high demand and produced strong returns. These markets have seen a tremendous increase in the cost of single-family residences which will continue to propel demand for multifamily occupancies. Multifamily investment properties have also had great resale values leading to strong returns for investors.

What kind of returns can I expect from an investment in Galena Opportunity Fund?

Galena Opportunity Fund provides general partner level returns without the general partner risk to investors. For example, we do infuse GO Fund investor money until land is entitled. Our expectations are to provide investors with Internal Rates of Return north of 20%. For more details reach out to us at