Make a Savvy Investment Decision

You can’t foresee what will happen in the investment market. But you can hedge your bets by investing in real estate qualified opportunity fund, which typically outperforms other markets and protects against inflation. Galena Opportunity Fund is an investment fund and opportunity zones real estate investment that concentrates on multifamily and other residential mixed-use properties. We target underserved areas in the Intermountain West and Pacific Northwest where there is substantial demand for our multifamily products. Opportunity zones real estate investment is the focus of our qualified opportunity fund.

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4-Step Process for Qualified Opportunity Fund Real Estate

Before you invest in Galena real estate opportunity fund, discover what makes our investment fund unique. Before you invest in Galena real estate opportunity fund, discover what makes our investment fund unique.


We select assets and prioritize investments based on annual profit potential, profit potential at the asset sale, asset liquidity and potential to maximize profits based on new development.


To minimize risk, we diversify the assets with new development projects, redevelopment projects, phased developments that are midway to completion and expansions on existing developments.


Galena Opportunity Fund leverages investments using housing tax credits, urban renewal funds and government incentives.


We leverage assets with non-recourse debt to reduce the potential liability on anyone’s asset and provide a mechanism for investor exits without triggering adverse tax consequences for remaining investors.

What benefits can I receive from an investment in a Qualified Opportunity Fund?

There are three primary benefits, but one is clearly more important than the others:
1. Capital Gains Tax Elimination. Pay $0 on capital gains earned by the QOF if your investment is held in the Fund for 10+ years.
2. Defer Capital Gains Taxes. Defer your capital gains tax from a previous investment until 2026.
3. Capital Gains Tax Reduction. Reduce your capital gains taxes by up to 15%.

Real Estate historically has good appreciation rates, whether due to market conditions or inflation. Real estate has been a good investment vehicle and investment in Qualified Opportunity Funds only increases these benefits.

What is the Galena Opportunity Fund?

Galena Opportunity Fund is a Qualified Opportunity Fund investing in real estate opportunity zones across the Intermountain and Pacific Northwest Regions. GO Fund develops residentially anchored mixed use and multifamily projects. GO Fund focuses on every aspect of development including acquiring land, completing entitlements, financing, undergoing the pre-construction processes, handling construction management, and asset management. GO Fund increases investor’s wealth through strategically placed real estate investments.

Who might be interested in investing in the Galena Opportunity Fund?

Investors looking for long term investments who would like to take advantage of a reduction in capital gains taxes while also growing their investments.

What kind of returns can I expect from an investment in Galena Opportunity Fund?

Galena Opportunity Fund provides general partner level returns without the general partner risk to investors. For example, we infuse Galena Opportunity Fund investor capital into the early stages of development to bring projects through entitlements. Our expectations are to provide investors with Internal Rates of Return north of 20%. For more details reach out to us at