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The world of real estate management is not new, and it has become an in-thing in society, with Metairie not being an exception. Real estate management is a broad concept that has become a norm and a necessity in society. Real estate management has been made easy and seamless with the help of real estate agents who help in arranging real estate transactions, connecting buyers and sellers, and also acting as middlemen in negotiations and bargains. Real estate agents usually get compensated by a commission which is generally a percentage of the property’s purchase price. The real estate agent depends on their ability to close a deal.

In real estate management, you need relevant information to make the best decision for yourself and your family. DEMAND REALTY is a full-service real estate provider in business with 35 years of experience. At DEMAND REALTY, our goal is to help you achieve your purpose, whether buying, selling, investing, or property management in Metairie. We are the best in the business with numerous Metairie homes for sale. We have a helpful, experienced team who are willing and ready to help you comb through any market in Metairie and its environs to find you the best houses in Metairie.

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We understand that buying a home can be a challenging task. However, DEMAND REALTY is here to make the process easy and seamless. We have correctly trained agents to guide, assist and help you with everything you need to know about purchasing a home in Metairie. There are several loan options available to first-time homeowners to help lessen the financial burden on you. Our Metairie real estate agents will be with you every step of the way. All you need to tell us is the location of interest, home size, and budget; that’s all we need to help you get your dream home.


Do you have houses for sale in Metairie? All you need is to provide us with the location of your property. Our company has real estate agents who are knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and diligent. They are available to ensure that we sell you homes in good time. They help with negotiations for your Metairie homes and will never rip you off.


Investing is a great way to secure the future and to make sure that the rainy days do not catch you unaware. Our agents show the investors how to apply for loans to further help acquire homes that they would sell later for more money.

Our real estate agents can assist you in investing in real estate properly to help your cash flow, determine the market value of properties and renovate properties when required. They assist you in finding seasoned contractors to bid for your properties, assist you in finding tenants for your properties and help you achieve your investment goals.


Demand Realty has been managing properties for over 35years and the owner, Tom Havrilla, currently operates over 100 properties with the help of his dedicated staff, who are always eager to take up issues concerning property and real estate management.

At Demand Realty, we help advertise properties, compare properties to come up with a fair price, run background checks on potential occupants, lease out properties, assist with maintenance and repairs, collect rents, prepare and send monthly statements to homeowners and handle evictions if need be.

Our Agents

At DEMAND REALTY, our agents are licensed, professional, friendly, and trustworthy. They are certified and help with various things such as helping to determine a reasonable price, comparing it with the market price, and developing a detailed market strategy to put out your homes on social media. Our agents also help to advertise homes and also to negotiate properties.

Demand Realty is a real estate company with the best real estate agents in Metairie. We are the best real estate agency in Metairie. We have a reputation for providing the best service in the sales and buying of homes in Metairie and its environs.

Are you looking for an agent to help you with your home’s sales or looking to buy or rent a home? Demand Realty has got you covered.

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Real Estate Agents Metairie

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