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pre-construction townhomes Toronto

pre-construction townhomes Toronto

Building your first house is a giant undertaking that requires you to be very careful about all the investments you input. You want all the right information to make the dream a reality while ensuring you love the home for many years afterward.

The same concept applies to construction companies. We have narrowed down the technical and scientific way of picking the best pre-construction townhouses from an overwhelming majority so that the clients have a uniformly positive opinion of all our developments. We have a comprehensive guide on comparing all our new construction homes in Toronto so you can go over the details before making the big decision.

What determines the process of selecting new townhouses in Toronto?

  • The architectural style
  • Must-have features
  • Budget
  • The size and segmentations of the home

The factors mentioned above are crucial in selecting the community or townhouse that will be your next home. We break down the thought pattern involved in working with our house plans.

Architectural style

Do you want a spiral staircase of an extensive balcony? The style should match or be as close to your dream as possible if you're going to live out your dream. Spend time thinking about the elements using the following highlights of our pre-construction townhomes in Toronto.

Trafalgar has a more traditional European style, Streetsville has the most modern design, and Lakeshore Village is more of a mix between the two ideologies.

However, they all have a mix of both modern and traditional English styles in the interior. They have a Victorian-style rail on the stairs, Oak staircases, and luxurious kitchen packages. They also have a healthy dose of technological infusions, such as electric doors and gas, heat, and water delivery systems.

You, therefore, have the flexibility to choose from any of the plans because of the outward, external style. You will enjoy the same efficiency in the internal sections and the same level of comfort and excellence.


It is time to get serious with business when you are satisfied with the architectural styles of the home. Ask yourself important questions such as the importance of certain features, desires of your family or spouse, and how much you can afford for the elements. The practical consideration is that a bigger house with more rooms will have more flexibility of use. The features of our homes depend on the following features:

Streetsville and Trafalgar Ridge have three bedrooms and two-car garages, while Lakeshore Village ha the same number of bedrooms and one or two garages. Lakeshore and Streetsville have a maximum of 1785 square feet, while Trafalgar has 2600 square feet. They all share the following amenities:

  • A fully stacked laundry room
  • An exquisitely finished bathroom space
  • Adequately furnished kitchen area
  • A cooling and heating system with a hot air furnace


How much is a townhouse in Toronto? Our plans have prices that vary according to their size, style, neighborhood, and features. You can get a more definite sense of all each pricing by talking to us for accurate values. It is the perfect time to schedule an open house tour of the New townhome developments in the Greater Toronto area so you can understand which home will be the best with your financial capability.


pre-construction townhomes Toronto

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